Search Matters.

Our Expert Services

Reporting and Business Intelligence

Deep in your data, there are hidden opportunities and challenges. Some are threatening your business's existence. Some might put you on the path to becoming a market leader. With the ability to collect and reason about your data, you will uncover the actual state of your business.

Search Matters offers services including designing, implementing, and supporting Reporting and Business Intelligence solutions.

  • Reporting Platform with Modern User Interface
  • Feature-full Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Extending your Existing Business Intelligence Tool

Apache Solr Upgrades

Upgrading Search and Reporting platforms is often a complex orchestration project involving software upgrade, data migration, service continuity, and platform future-proofing.

Drawing from our experience, we can help you build and execute a plan that assures a successful upgrade. Our services cover the following activities:

  • Upgrade Risk Assessment
  • Identifying Attention Hot-Spots
  • Designing Upgrade Plan
  • Assisting with or Executing the Upgrade Plan